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Audio Post from 1000 meter altitude

(Norwegian). 1000 meter altitude. Windy. 21 minus. Going downwards from the top after this.

Audio Post (Internal to the Nanoq team)

Torgeir & Team,

Her you can hear (!!) a post. I have sent you  a telephone number and a secret code.

1. Call this number  2. press the secret code  3. speak inn your message 4. press the Hash sign (#)

The voice message will appear on this site after some minutes.

Pretty cool for your kids, and also a nice little web thing to share latest news in a fast way (the few times – when you  have mobile network …)

We, here in Norway can make the headline, – like “internal”  or “standing next to a poolar beer and have to run”  and ad photos.


Bjorn Heidenstrom