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The map that shows where Nanoq are now!

Nanoq going north and west

We got some coordinates from the Nanoq Team – and its always good to get their position on the map.

Bjorn H./ Digital crew / Norwegian soil / in my kitchen with a hot coffee and Ipad.


The first video from the Nanoq Team #youtube #greenland #culure #climate

Torgeir Higraff

We need you to spred the word – so Nanoq are also on Instagram

nanoq on instagram

The Nanoq goal says: “We will help to create a continuous connections, platform and model for future gatherings with the aim of transferring cultural heritage

We have one, -and only one way to do that. We need to create communication.

What is “create communication?

That is you who read this now. That is you who want to spread it on your channels and your lines. That is the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

There is one small team on the ice in Greenland today. They get the facts and photos. We are today 184 persons who likes the Facebook page. We get it too.  There was 15 “likes” when we started our Instagram profile for 1 hour ago.

We need it to be global. We need attention: likes, shares, re-twittering, with you and your friends shouting it out.

We need help to spread the photos, the text, and the voices from the artic ice. That is the artic ice that can melt and hit your doorstep. That is the culture and history we want to help.

Have a super weekend with a like and a share.


Bjorn Heidenstrom

Digital Crew, Norway

Audio Post from 1000 meter altitude

(Norwegian). 1000 meter altitude. Windy. 21 minus. Going downwards from the top after this.

The first videos from the Nanoq team 2013 – #Greenland #Fishing

The first tests and video files have found it’s way to the site…. (Norwegian, about fishing and the warming cabin)

Link to video here

– from Torgeir Higraff, on Greenland

We are on Facebook / Twitter #pleasespread #Like and #RT

We need help to spread the word, get followers, and communicate the Nanoq Expedition.

Please spread the links; Facebook and Twitter.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm
Digital crew/Norway

Audio Post (Internal to the Nanoq team)

Torgeir & Team,

Her you can hear (!!) a post. I have sent you  a telephone number and a secret code.

1. Call this number  2. press the secret code  3. speak inn your message 4. press the Hash sign (#)

The voice message will appear on this site after some minutes.

Pretty cool for your kids, and also a nice little web thing to share latest news in a fast way (the few times – when you  have mobile network …)

We, here in Norway can make the headline, – like “internal”  or “standing next to a poolar beer and have to run”  and ad photos.


Bjorn Heidenstrom

Want to meet a pretty cool team?

some on the Nanoq team

The first photos and text are flying over via some satellites from Greenland.

Want to know more about the best hunter in the team?,  the grandchild of the American polar scientist
Robert Peary?, and the one who built the new Kon Tiki?

Go here for the team. (more photos will come…)

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

Digital Crew

What is NANOQ, the dogsled expedition?

The Nanoq expedition


NANOQ qimussinik angalanersuuvoq Qaanaami Kalaallit Nunaanni
aallartittarpoq Canada-mut Alaska-mut Russland-mut Norge-mullu.
Angalaneq apriilimi pisargpoq ukiut arfineq-marlukkaartumik. Angalaneq
aallartissaaq martsip 15- ani taamaatissallunilu maijip 15-ani.
Angalanermi angunigaavoq nunat issittuni inuit issittormiut
Peqataasussat arnat angutillu piginnaaneqarnissaat piorsaanermut
pigaaruteqarpoq. Taamaataaq atortussat iliuutsillu periaasillu atorlugit,
1) Nunani issittuni inuit ataqatigiilernissaat
2) Nunani issittuni kulturi siammarsassalluggiu, paaralugu,


NANOQ is a dogsled expedition from the northernmost county, Avanersuaq in
Greenland, to Norway, via all settlements along the Arctic coast of
Canada, USA and Russia. The journey will span seven years, within the
frame from mid March to May each year. The goal is to create a continuous
connections, platform and model for future gatherings with the aim of
transferring cultural heritage.
NANOQ is important because it consists of perhaps the last female and male
carriers of traditions in the Arctic, and because of the collaboration
between them. By tying together populations and their tradition the
expedition and meetings will
1) create a platform for continued gatherings and workshops
2) preserve traditional heritage such as knowledge and crafts


NANOQ er en hundeslede-ekspedisjon som starter i Qaannaaq, Grønland – og
går via Canada, Alaska og Russland til Norge. Sledeturen foregår i mars og
april måned hvert år i 7 år. Målet med å reise langs hele den artiske kyst
er å styrke kontakten mellom folk i Arktis.
Deltakerne består av kvinner og menn med kunnskap om urfolks tradisjoner i
Arktis. Reisen skal foregå med tradisjolent utstyr og på tradisjonelle
måter. Slik oppnår vi
1) å styrke kontakten mellom den arktiske befolkning
2) å formidle, bevare og utvikle tradisjonell kultur i Arktis


– av Torgeir Higraff, Team Nanoq

How to get to Qaanaag

To go to Qaanaaq you have to use Greenlandair…

First, we took this plane. Copenhagen-Kangerlussuaq, a 4,5 hours flight, – then you must wait four hours for a plane from
Kangerlussuaq-Ilulissat with only one stop.

In Ilulissat you have to wait 24 hours to do the journey North, Ilulissat-Qaanaaq, with two stops in small villages.

Have a happy easter!

Torgeir Higraff