The Inuit Circumpolar Documentary

Great film about Inuit communities

The photo by Hans Bjelke is from the Nanoq-expedition earlier this year. The culture that still makes moments like this possible was discussed in Oslo tonight. Stephen A. Smith and Julia Szucs was at the Fram Museum to present their film, assisted by the Canadian ambassador to Norway. It is a story about two Inuit communities in Nunavut and Greenland. The documentary Vanishing Point described difficulties known to the Nanoq team and hunters in Northern Greenland. And it helps to make others aware of people in Arctic communities like this. It also shows beautiful scenery that inspire you to visit these places.

The Greenlandic main character, Navarana Sörensen, is fantastic in the way she describes the traditional way of life and how this life is changing with the melting of sea ice, among other challenges. A highlight was the narwhal hunt and how this hunt is contrasting with the Narwhal hunt in Nunavut.

After the film, the audience in Oslo had many questions. One was about the distribution of the film. “It will most likely be possible to see it on television on Greenland”, Smith said. In addition, the film has been broadcasted in Canada.

The award winning documentary was presented at Bygdøy, Oslo, thanks to National Film Board of Canada, the Fram Museum, Meltwater Media and the Embassy of Canada. Watch the film, but first: Watch the trailer here:

Torgeir S. Higraff

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