The Inuit Circumpolar Documentary

What to do with the Dogs?

The team arrived in Qaanaaq. Naimangitsoq, Qitdlutoq, Louise and Hans have discussed the journey. – I have limited vocabulary in their language, so it was good to have an interpreter in the evaluation, says Hans. – Among other things, we discussed the dogs and how we can train dogs for this extreme kind of strain. Apparently, the dogs handled this well, in my view, but if the hunters are not satisfied, there are reasons to listen to them. I enjoyed the discussion, Hans conclude in the voice mail.

For thousands of years the Inuit have trained this dog on the walrus diet and in the hard conditions to be the toughest dog on on the planet. This dog has been standing by his people through famine and extreme weather since prehistoric times. With the help of this dog, hunters have chased down the great white bear with weapons no better than primitive spears.


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