The Inuit Circumpolar Documentary

We need you to spred the word – so Nanoq are also on Instagram

nanoq on instagram

The Nanoq goal says: “We will help to create a continuous connections, platform and model for future gatherings with the aim of transferring cultural heritage

We have one, -and only one way to do that. We need to create communication.

What is “create communication?

That is you who read this now. That is you who want to spread it on your channels and your lines. That is the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

There is one small team on the ice in Greenland today. They get the facts and photos. We are today 184 persons who likes the Facebook page. We get it too.  There was 15 “likes” when we started our Instagram profile for 1 hour ago.

We need it to be global. We need attention: likes, shares, re-twittering, with you and your friends shouting it out.

We need help to spread the photos, the text, and the voices from the artic ice. That is the artic ice that can melt and hit your doorstep. That is the culture and history we want to help.

Have a super weekend with a like and a share.


Bjorn Heidenstrom

Digital Crew, Norway


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