The Inuit Circumpolar Documentary

The Norwegian Arctic Hunter

Hans Reidar Bjelke initiated the Nanoq Expedition, with the Polar Eskimoes. Hans used to live as a hunter in Siorapaluk, Greenland, together with his family. Before the years in Greenland, Hans lived several years as a hunter and trapper in the polar region, but living in Siorapaluk gave him a clear understanding as to the importance of culture and education to preserve and develop the holistic human beings. During these years, the Bjelke family met indigenous people from Canada, who desired closer contact with the Inuit in Thule. Primarily, the Canadian indigenous people perceive the Greenland Inuit to have a clearly defined identity connected to their heritage. As an educator, hunter, trapper and master of traditional boats, Hans deeply understands how identity, heritage, traditional skills and technologies can be transferred geographically.

Torgeir Higraff


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