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Why Can’t We Hunt Walrus?

Mamarut Kristiansen (53), the great hunter who has watched the walrus for almost 40 years, wonder why hunters in Qaanaaq never have been contacted by those who estimate the walrus population.
– It seems that the scientists are counting the walrus at the wrong place, not taking into consideration that the walrus are always on the move, always looking for food. If they were counted when they are gathering in an area with lots of food, the scientist would have noticed that the population is big enough to be hunted, Mamarut says.
– If they had asked us hunters to participate in this important task, we could help them to find the places where the walrus stay and what places they move to. After all, we know this better than people who sit behind their desks in an office most of the year. Biologists and hunters should work together. That would give the statistics more reliable facts.

Mamarut have support in his view from the hunters in the Thule region. The Nanoq-project will get in contact with biologists who would like to comment on this issue.

Video and text: Torgeir S. Higraff /


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