The Inuit Circumpolar Documentary

– Stop Killing our Culture!

According to the measures that the hunters in Qaanaaq criticize (2006, 2007, 2008), the walrus population on West Greenland and Southern Baffin was at least 3.000 creatures, and growing.

In 2011, only 56 walrus were permitted hunted in this area. This is according to the Greenland Institute of Nature “sustainable for the population”. But do they take into account the people who have been hunters for tens of generations? Not at all, according to the hunters we have met.
– When we go out hunting walrus, we have to return with only one, even if the weather permits us to hunt for more. We have to fill out the papers, and apply for another one. This bureaucracy is designed to eliminate our culture, Mamarut Kristiansen says in an interview by the Nanoq-project. – The people behind these figures completely ignore our suffering, says the frustrated hunter.
– I am optimistic, I hope the new government on Greenland change this harassment to our traditions and way of life. They can’t be any worse than the former governance.

He gets support for this view from several other hunters we have interviewed in Qaanaaq.

(PINNGORTITALERIFFIK, Greenland Institute of Nature)


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